Garden design

When Urquijo-Kastner undertakes a landscape project, it is the result of a process that takes into account several phases as shown below where we have taken as an example a garden designed in Consuegra, Toledo.

Initial meeting: Requirements and location

An initial meeting is scheduled with the owners of the future garden, ideally at the location where it will be implemented, in order to discover their needs, wishes and end-user priorities and also to establish contact with the location and its surroundings. This is a key meeting to obtain an overall view in which the location constraints are made clear, as well as the strengths that can be enhanced. At this first meeting ideas will be put forward about how to carry out the project.

Measurement and analysis of the location

Measurements and dimensions are taken along with a photo shoot of the land, its elements and the surrounding buildings. These will allow for a complete analysis of the location, an essential requirement for any type of design work.

Initial proposal

Based on the information obtained in the first meeting and the analysis and measurement of the location, the owners are presented with an idea or general concept of the garden that will be used as a basis for the project. Upon this base, the distribution and other aspects of the garden are decided upon and defined. It is usual for a general distribution plan to be presented with one or more hand drawn perspective drawings that allow for a high level of realism; in some cases these are complemented with computer generated perspective and cross section drawings.

The final design

Based on the initial proposal, all necessary ammendments and changes are developed until the design coincides fully with the owners’ requirements. This final design, together with the detailed plans, allows us to present an initial cost estimate. We propose gardening companies and tradesmen, although generally, and this is usually more preferable, we suggest that clients propose known and trusted tradesmen or those who have already worked on the construction of their home.

Technical management and execution

We carry out the technical management, as it is essential that the landscaping professional be present at all stages of the process, especially during the layout and subsequent planting phase, when adjustments and modifications can be made to that projected on paper. Only in this way can the owners be assured that the project will be carried out completely in accordance with their wishes.