Garden of heathers in Somosaguas, Madrid

An extensive use of heather, Erica darleyensis, dotted with large birches cover the rocky slopes of the land (4000 m2) belonging to the house. The garden is solemn in nature, enveloping and greeting visitors at the same time and has a simple planting base which is, however, capable of offering a suggestive and agreeable view throughout the year: the masses of delicate white and pink flowers that follow each other throughout space and time. The house is adapted to a wavy contour that generates different areas and environments. This, together with the owners’ aim to bring together and search for botanical diversity, increased the temptation to try out different planting methods. In this garden we tried the greatest number of species and carried out more experimental ideas. Over time some changes were carried out in order to join areas, simplify planting and to give the area its own personality. Fifteen years later this landscape, which continues to transform itself, is one of our most harmonious achievements.