Garden in a housing community El Montecillo, Madrid

Conditioned by the swimming pool and the paddle tennis court, this garden in a housing community in the Madrid suburbs has converted the different heights and compartmentalisation of different areas allowing us to experiment with a larger number of species than usual. The limestone paving on the terraces and in areas that connect the different spaces do not have a clear end, thus integrating better with the vegetation: plants and paving coexist in a dynamic balance. The variety of textures and colour of the chosen plants offers joy and movement: feather grass (Stipa tenuissima), valerian (Centranthus), rose campion (Lychnis), Phlomis, wallflower ‘Bowles Mauve’… offer a sensation of naturalness, colour and seasonality on a background of Mediterranean shrubs – mastic, laurustinus, strawberry trees, lavender – that give structure and offer development mid- and long-term. The involvement and commitment of the owners facilitated the elaborate planting requirements.

Images: Claire Takacs / Urquijo – Kastner