Urban garden in El Viso, Madrid

The reduced number of species and the sole flower concession of some white agapanthus flowers and wisteria on the pergolas underline the straightforward and elegant character of this garden, which folds out in a reduced area, conditioned by the dominant presence of the house. The hegemony of the evergreen plants – cypress, boxwood, ligustrum and ivy – ensure an perennial green, but in a variety of different tones, brilliance, shapes and leaf textures. In order to soften the harshness of the concrete it was decided to use the sweetening effect of deciduous species and more natural growth forms – pear trees and maple – in certain places. Even though the space was limited we were able to create five separately defined areas: a main terrace with a pergola to the north; a dining terrace area with a pergola to the east; a service area below the eastern terrace; a service area for the exit from the kitchen and finally a small area with sun loungers in the swimming pool area.

Images: Pablo Vicens