Interior garden in an office building in Madrid

The garden had to maintain a constant appearance over time and be a determinant both in the heart of the building as well as visible from the five floors of offices. The requirement to include a view from above influenced the design and the structure with a recognisable pattern; the shade conditions gave the unusual and advantageous possibility to create a small microclimate, a stronghold for some species that in another type of location could not survive. Boxwood was used as the basic plant, organically shaped to resemble their natural state, this allowed us to create in the area a unifying structured with shaped designs. The counterpoint: delicate ferns, Farfugium japonicum with large rounded leaves and Ophiopogon japonicus which is similar to the grasses that grow on the banks of rivers. The light silhouette and white trunks of birches were used as vertical elements.

Images: Pablo Vicens / Miguel Urquijo