Urban patio in El Viso, Madrid

Boxwood spheres are contrasted with leopard plant (Farfugium japonicum) in order to obtain the best from each species. A sole Japanese maple (acer palmatum) rises and offers shade over a floor crawling with yareta (Azorella compacta) dotted with blue lilies in April… With this harmonious vegetation that plays with the light and brings freshness we added the choice, design and layout of the limestone pavement, in order to obtain an aesthetic harmony with the architecture of the building. This material, used in other areas of the house, provides light to the area – a covered 70 m2 rectangular patio located between buildings and facing the north, thus being in shade for a large portion of the year. The texture of the stone varies subtly from slab to slab and its ‘broken’ pattern allows for plants to break through in their search for space. The plantation can be seen from the living room through a large window and this meant that the design also had to work in wintertime. The patio has two living areas, one below a pergola, and between the two the vegetation unfolds.

Images: Pablo Vicens / Miguel Urquijo