A large garden in the pastures of Salamanca

A large garden that is integrated in the pastures of Salamanca as an orchard with its design based on circles, or circle-like shapes, with clusters of lavender surrounded by grass. The owner wanted to be able to walk through the garden upon the grass and this was made possible by using the well that is located in the estate. In the lavender clusters, ‘La Sevillana’ roses provide splashes of colour. The variety of species – wallflowers such as Erisymum ‘Bowles Mauve’, Eremurus robustus (Foxtail Lily) with large floral stems – increase on the edges of the garden creating a sensation of a floral meadow and search for greater height in order to cover the path that surrounds the wall that encloses it, but at the same time the view of the pasture is never obstructed. The rounded shape of the clusters leads to an efficient use of the watering system, with diffusors or sprinklers located in the centre, which avoids using exposed irrigation tubes.

Images: Claire Takacs / Urquijo – Kastner