Farmhouse garden/patio in Consuegra, Toledo

In an area of Spain where temperatures can reach a maximum of 40º and a minimum of -15º, plants had to be chosen based on their ability for resistance. However, they also had to meet another two conditions: be able to survive the limestone soil and offer a sense of belonging to the area. The design of the patio was in our favour, as it protected the vegetation from the wind and the cold. Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’, with pink flowers, Euphorbia with yellow flowers, and two types of lavender along with many other grey-leaved plants, create a harmony of colours and textures along with grasses, such as Stipa tenuissima, that introduce movement and reflect the light at sundown in an extraordinary way. Only a few months after being planted, this garden was already exuberant.

Images: Claire Takacs / Urquijo Kastner